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Care Instructions for your Salumi


If your salumi feels sticky, don’t worry. Sometimes salumi absorbs moisture from ice packs / moisture in the air creating a tacky or sticky sensation, which is normal. Simply rinse and pat dry, wipe down with a damp cloth or leave as is and then store in the refrigerator until serving. It’s up to you.


Salumi is shelf stable. In cooler temperature climates (<20°C) salumi can be stored out of refrigeration, if you wish. However in warmer humid climates it is better to store them refrigerated. Your fridge can dry out the salumi so if you wish to stop them drying out as quickly or just to protect them, keep them wrapped in the butchers paper, deli paper or any material that allows the salumi to breathe. This a product that needs to breathe.


Traditionally cured salumi naturally develops mould during fermentation and maturation. The mould is a protective and aromatic component of these processes. Most of our salumi are washed prior to being sold. If you notice mould on your salumi, there is no need to panic. The mould can be wiped or washed away with clean water if you wish.


It is best to peel your salumi before slicing. If your salumi has a natural casing, a good tip to make it easier to peel, is to dampen the casing by running it under a tap for about 20 seconds or until the casing becomes opaque. To remove the moist natural casing, score the salame lengthwise along as much as of the salame you plan to eat, and then peel back the casing to the required length. A synthetic casing should peel away easily without moistening.


  • ALL of our products are GLUTEN-FREE and LACTOSE-FREE.

  • We only use 100% Australian Pork and all of our products are made here in Australia.

  • Salumi is the Italian word for smallgoods. Salami, Prosciutto, Pancetta, sausages and other Italian Style smallgoods are all called Salumi.